Bridging the gap between artificial intelligence development teams and the financial markets

14 - 15 December
Mindspace, Pipera

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Gold Award

Team: BGF

Silver Award

Team: Franc

Bronze Award

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On the 14-15th of December iFactor and its partners want to spark interest to enhance
more AI-driven technologies into the financial sector.

The growing scope of AI has made it one of the most popular themes at hackathons
worldwide. A hackathon is the perfect platform to meet other AI enthusiasts and build
innovative solutions towards optimizing industries.

AI is a global opportunity, focusing the attention of the data science and business
communities on how our most cutting edge tools can deliver a brighter future for us all.

We want to collaborate across nations to make game-changing innovations in AI. The
need for more personalized machine interactions in every sphere of technology has led
to the invention of many new hacks in the domain. When it comes to innovations in AI,
the sky’s the limit




Event timeline

5th November

Campaign start and teams will be able to apply to participate.

8th December

After an intense selection process the main teams will receive their participation confirmation.

14 - 15th December

2 days of intense programming, mentoring and product creation.

15th December

Demo Night where the participants will showcase their creation in front of a jury and our guests.


Who can apply?

Developers, data scientists and business individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels are
encouraged to submit projects. Also, pre-existing startups, SMEs or corporate teams can
join. Recommended, but not mandatory, for all team members, is a general to deep
knowledge of AI systems.

Team composition

We are aiming towards teams of 1-3 developers, 1 data scientist and someone with business
experience. We recommend a captain with a full team of 5 to 6 members with a diverse set
of skills.

To note that the teams should consists of people that can quickly adapt to change, as
during our hackathon you will be experiencing time pressure in a dynamic environment.

Selection process

All team captains have to fill in an application form covering all team roles, clear motivation
and their ideas.

The Ai in Finance team will then curate the applications and lead a discussion with the
captains of best applications for an interview call. We will then select the top 10 teams
based on the team’s motivation, ambition, and expertise.

Application Sectors

Retail banking – Private banking – Payments – Insurance
Capital markets – Investments – Asset Management

●   Automate

[Compliance(KYC,AML,Risk reporting), Accounting (billing & collections, Account receivable, etc), Reporting]

●   Personalise

[Risk Assessment, Wealth Management, Insurance, Customer service]

●   Optimise

[Customer service, Asset Allocation , Capital Allocation, Matching Supply & Demand]

●   Detect Anomalies

[Risk assessment, Compliance]

●   Forecast

[Risk Assessment, Wealth Management, Insurance]

●   Innovate

[AI bringing scale and efficiency to different sectors through capacity of analyzing unstructured data, process large volumes of information and do things that humans can’t do on their own]

Tech Stack

1. AI/ML Machine Learning algorithms:

a. Supervised learning:

  • linear regression
  • Logical regression
  • Linear/quadratic discriminant analysis
  • Decision Tree
  • Naive Bayes
  • Support vector machine
  • Random forest
  • AdaBoost
  • Gradient-boosting trees
  • Simple neural network


b. Unsupervised learning:

  • K-means clustering
  • Gaussian mixture model
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Recommender system


c. Reinforcement learning

2. Deep Learning

  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • Recurrent neural network


3. RPA Automation ( Robotic Process Automation)

4. NLP ( Natural Language Processing)

5. Computer Vision


December 14th

8.30 – 9 AM – Registration

9 – 10 AM – Kick-off

12 – 1 PM – Lunch

4 – 7 PM – Mentor / Pitch Meetings


December 15th

9 – 10 AM – Kick-off & questions

12 – 1 PM – Lunch

2 – 5 PM – Mentors will freely go among the teams and provide feedback

5.30 PM – Demo Night Intro

6.00 PM – Start Pitches (10 – 12 teams)

8.00 PM – Winners & After-drinks

Mentors and jury

We have arranged for a number of 6-8 mentors to help and guide the teams
through the process of building a viable product foundation.

The mentors will come from the online, tech industry, financial and startup
industry so they have a good understanding of the goal and how they can
better assist the teams.

Whether it’s development, AI or business acumen, we will cover all areas of a
startup strategy.

The jury will be formed out of experts in the financial services, AI, banking
and online fields.

We are more than excited about the interest our corporate partners have in
new technology and looking forward to see their representatives’ take on
the MVPs our team will create.


Gold Award

  • 5000 EUR Cash
  • Up to 20.000 $ Google Cloud SPARK Package
  • Fellowship at Founder Institute
  • Startup Day at Level39 during London Fintech Week by CFTE
  • BT Business Development Acceleration Program

Silver Award

  • 2000 EUR Cash
  • Up to 3000 $ Google Cloud START Package
  • Fellowship at Founder Institute

Bronze Award

  • 1000 EUR Cash
  • Up to 3000 $ Google Cloud START Package
  • Fellowship at Founder Institute

During the event members representing accelerators will also be present and they are scouting for teams to join the next batches.

Founder Institute
BCR InnovX Accelerator
Startup Grow Pad by KPMG & Spherik Accelerator

From local associations to corporate entities, we are proud to bring our partners together
under one roof to fuel the innovation of AI in finance.




Startup Grow Pad


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14 - 15 December
Mindspace, Pipera